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speed. the first phone strong enough to run on the fastest, most advanced 4g network in america. >> we're shaping the battlefield right now. initially we have that capacity, but we'll be able to hand off very quickly to french, to arab forces, like the qataris and others. that will send a strong signal to the arab worlg world that ths not about american interest, it's about democracy in libya. >> this is the best chance to get rid of qaddafi in my life. if we don't get rid of him, we'll pay a heavy price down the road. >> senators lindsey graham and jack reed, two lawmaker now weighing in on the situation in libya and how president obama is handling it. peter doocy has been following it all and joins us with the latest. hi, peter. >> reporter: hi, shall b shanno. they've come out saying they think we're doing the right thing in libya, but some lawmaker think the president should do a better job of keeping congress in the loop which they say it tough to do from south america. >> we know that the president has to be in contact with congress. he's now out of the country, and that's probab
and america's news headquarters from the nation's capital starts right now -- i'm shannon bream and america's news headquarters from the nation's capital starts right now. we begin in japan. the spike in radiation level that led to evacuation was just a mistake. we have the latest. >> reporter: it was a breach coming from the authorities this sunday and we heard an official say that the radiation in water at the plant went to 10 million levels, that would be a catastrophic meltdown scenario numbers. fortunately, it was nowhere near that. radiation levels in the water have spiked four times now and that caused evacuation again in the restoration crews who are dealing with the reactor number two. where we got the -- [ audio interruption ] around the plant. the plant is not entirely sure where exactly the leak is coming from, whether it's coming from the cooling system or coming from within that. because the workers can only go in at 15 minutes at a time, it makes at it slow protest. we hear from the petco officials, that is the utility company managing the plant, saying that the radioactive s
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among the situation very closely in libya while moving ahead to his trip in latin america. he is right now in brazil. mike is in rio de janeiro. what is the latest from the president on libya today? >> reporter: gregg, he was giving a speech to the brazilian people earlier today. was talking about the beauty of democracy and in that speech is when he referred to the people of libya. take a listen. >> we see the people of libya take a courageous stand against a regime. across the region we see young people rise up. >> reporter: so today's comments were essentially about the broader themes of people wanting freedom and democracy, not so much about the military action but the president has been monitoring the situation on the ground in libya. >> gregg: what do we know how he has been monitoring the developments? >> reporter: we're due to get a briefing from his national security advisor in an hour or so. i anticipate we will learn more about how the president is keeping tabs. but this morning, first thing he had a conference call on a secure line with secretary of state hillary clinton, b
international military efforts to prevent khadafy from taking his own people. >> america has unique capabilities. we will bring them to bear to help our reunion and canadian allies and air partners stop further violence against civilians including to be effective implementation of a no-fly zone. as president obama said, the united states will not deploy ground troops. there should be no mistaking our commitment to this effort. >> molly: secretary clinton attended an emergency summit of 23 leaders today to get everyone on the same page about how to enforce the united nations resolution authorizing a no-fly zone. secretary who had side meetings with the foreign ministers of jordan, united arab emirates and adequater they say arab participation has been crucial so far. >> heather: the french, they have taken the most visible lead today. what are they doing? >> molly: n car car hosted the meeting today in paris it indicated afterwards that french fighter jets at the time was patrolling the skies above a key rebel stronghold in libya would have to take a more aggressive position. >> our effort will o
is spent here in america industry and dollars for the american workers and corporation equipment that moves over. it is not like we run over with suitcases of money. we do that also but one part of foreign aid is helpful to the u.s. and we would be slipping things to the egyptian under the radar creen and everybody will not see it with the sole purpose of getting it in the other countries . making sure it gets to those who are fighting against al-gaddafi since we are not committed to fight against al-gaddafi on the ground. >> neil: the president is with the president of brazil and in brazialian we would normally go to her but she speaks fort gease and as a result we are not aware of an interperter. but she is commending the president and his efforts to lead a global recovery and the brave steps he has take tone do so. we are just a bit of a background on her. 36th president of brazil and the first woman to lead the country it is interesting, not that many years ago she was in jail for leftist and violent movement that she had no direct relationship with. but the country elected her apprecia
and other civilians, and, welcome to a brand new hour of america's news headquarters. >> jamie: i'm jimmamie colby. the french fighter jets are enforcing the no-fly zone over the north african nation and the rebel fighters are battling forces loyal to muammar qaddafi in the city of benghazi. steve harrigan is streaming live from the capital of tripoli where there is a lot of activity as well, steve, tell us the latest. >> reporter: right now we're hearing the steady pounding of anti-aircraft fire off my right, in the distance. it's not clear whether they are firing at actually planes, or just in anticipation of attack. i can tell you about the cruise missiles. we have not heard any here in the center of tripoli, two miles away from colonel qaddafi's headquarters. muammar qaddafi has responded to those cruise missile attacks in a rather unusual address on state television. he was not shown on tv but an audio recording says, called for all of the libyan people to, quote, arm themselves against the zionists, so far he and his government being defiant in wake of the cruise missile attacks and sa
on to a brand-new hour. >> heather: topping the news this hour, dangerous flooding from america's heartland and across the east coast. latest forecast live at the fox extreme weather center. >> gregg: lawmakers trying to hammer out another stopgap measure avoiding a government shutdown. a live report from washington coming up. >> plus, an investigative report shining the spotlight on one city's police and fire department's pension deal. you won't believe what it reveals. that and new polls on and what governments ought to do with their pension plans straight ahead. >> gregg: fox news alert, air strikes, street battles and ambushes breaking out in several cities in libya as they teet other all out sil war. intense fighting sweeping the nation. rebels versus loyal to muammar khadafy locked in a fierce combat. at stake, the capital, tripoli, ultimately controls all of libya. leland is streaming live. >> reporter: gregg the rebels had been advancing in the eastern part of this country with a pretty brisk pace full. that came to a streechg halt by khadafy forces. we were on the front lines as th
a kuwait, because america believes, preventing rogue regimes from running rampant across the globe is god for american economic policy -- the case there is to make. >> gregg: does he need to explain why libya when you have yemen, bahrain, now, syria, experiencing the same sort of thing, and my goodness, thousands of people have been massacred and slaughtered in the congo, why have we never intervened in the congo. that has been going on for years. why libya? congo is the same continent. but congo doesn't have oil. >> you are making a good point. he has to explain why libya, and this is something american presidents have always had to explain. george w. bush had to explain why iraq and not iran or syria after 9/11 and, president obama does and i don't think oil has much to do with this action, simply because we don't need their oil and, the arab league, which is supportive, we think, of this action, you know, there are other countries where we get our oil from, but, you are right. he does have to explain why libya. and, i think there is a case to make. a case to make against it as well but
to the american people on the military objective in libya, america's role, and how it's consistent with u.s. policy goals. some of the issues the president is likely to address on monday. back to you. >> rick: thanks. >> brian: all right. we are going to go now live to steve harrigan. he is in tripoli. steve? >> some gains by the rebels. they've taken control of their first city on what they say is a march back toward the capital in tripoli. this comes after two weeks of losses. it's really with help from a week long strike from allied forces around the city of ajdabiayh. perhaps more important, really cut off the supply lines and communication that tripoli had with its army. the rebels have begun to advance out of ajdabiayh. it's a pattern they hope to repeat in other cities. heavy fighting is going on 150 miles away in misarray a at that. the battlefield is more complicated because gadhafi loyalist forces are deeply inside that city. among the civilians. so it will be tougher to get at them from the air without civilian casualties. as far as the reaction here goes, the government in tri
information, we'll bring it to you, here at america'ses news headquarters. >>> here at home, meanwhile, wisconsin and the battle over the budget, it is far from over, but, a law is on the books. a new measure that curbs union rights of public workers and they are not happy about it. the group of 14 democrats that left the state for three weeks in protest, are back home againand are defending their decision to leave. >>... proud to stand by the reason why we left the state to protect workers' rights. we will proudly defend what we have done, because we are standing to protect people. >> what we did was the right thing and that really has them angry. we have emboldened the people of the state to do the right thing. i'm very disappointed in his comments. we did it for the right reasons. why they did what they did, i don't know why. >> jamie: meanwhile, yesterday, an estimated 100,000 protesters turned up, it was one of the largest demonstrations so far. and, we're hearing talk of recall efforts from both sides of the aisle. joining me now on the phone, wisconsin state representative, robi
of the week, so long america! >> gregg: tripoli under attack right now. i'm gregg jarrett. a new round of air strikes by the international coalition and we're getting reports that air-raid sirens and explosions are being heard across the libyan capital and on calm's hometown. let's go right to steve harrigan. steve, what can you tell us. >> reporter: in the last few minutes we heard eight loud incoming ex pleogsz to the east of the city of tripoli. clearly audible. one round of three strikes, another round of five. we're not seeing the anti-aircraft fire that usually goes up. a remarkable shift in the battlefield. we are seeing the rebels advance quickly. they have taken four towns previously retreated. brega and one other. it's really being coalition powered that has paved the way targeting gadhafi forces and personnel carriers so the rebels have been able to advance so far without much of a fight. the government officials here say gadhafi forces are making a strategic retreat but it doesn't look like that that who see soldiers getting in civilian cars and fleeing trying to get away from the
on sunday. i'm eric shawn. >> i'm jamie colby. thank you for being with us. america's news headquarters continues with shannon bream live in washington. take care. >> i'm shannon bream live in washington. we begin with a fox news alert. muammar gaddafi is pushing and rebels are pushing a path west to tripoli. leland vittert joins us live from the front lines with the latest. hello. >> you said it best. the rebel fighters are taking a pounding. as we look at what to do next, this is something theyer not ready for. warplanes and the helicopter gun ship were something that the rebels didn't think was possible. as gaddafi met them in a town 20 miles outside the strong hold of gaddafi's hometown. the video of the firefight is amazing as you watch to see the army with no command or control structure was headed in the fight. a total ambush. the people welcomed them with open arms and set them up for the army to come back and pounded them. that's what is happening now. the other thing the rebels don't have is any kind of medic medical corps to treat wounded. they have no way to move units aroun
, great to have you here, i'm jamie colby. >> eric: welcome to america's news headquarters. who or when will qaddafi end up clinging power, those are the questions as fierce battles are raging on the front lines. rebels try to cut a path toward tripoli, between sirte and ras lanuf, and leland vittert is streaming live, from lybia, in what is considered free lybia. >> reporter: the rebels advanced pretty well through the... good morning, air rushing, the rebels had advanced pretty well into the town of ras lanuf and were trying to push farther to sirte, muammar qaddafi's home town and a strong hold and the residents of the village invited them in and ambushed them and, allowed muammar qaddafi forces to come behind and now there is a fierce firefighter, and muammar qaddafi forces are supported by heavy weapons and anxious and there is also air support for the rebels, coming in the forms of fighter bombers and military attack helicopters which, is truly an unfair fight for these rebels and the rebels also are showing here how they have no command and control structure, and are inexperience
america need to step in? if so, when? what's america's involvement in libya? what would it look like? we are later in libya to discuss all of that. >> rick: there is a lot of other unrest across the middle east today. in bahrain, take a look. thousands of shiite protesters forming a huge human chain around the capital city starting a third week of protests against the minority sunni monarchy and so far, police are not intervening. they're not getting involved. here is what it looks like and sounds like in algeria where folks there not so lucky. police blocking three separate attempts by demonstrators today to march through the capital city of algiers. protests have been flairing up there for six weeks. in saudi arabia, the interior ministry saying today that demonstrations contradict islamic laws and will not be allowed. it was a rare break out of about 100 protesters yesterday. minority shiites demanding the release of political detainees. >> arthel: a vicious line of storms marching across the heartland claimed a life. here is a look at some of the damage left behind in southwest louis
's monster quake reaching clear across the pacific, slamming america's shores and tsunami waves wrecking harbors along the california coast an sweeping at least one person out to sea. casey steegel live in los angeles. >> reporter: pretty scary moments, yesterday, no doubted, for people in hawaii. and, really, all up and down the western coast, of the united states. as tsunami warnings were issued and a number of beaches were evacuated. immediately following that devastating quake in japan. look at this video. this is the scene out of santa cruz, california. about 70 miles south of san francisco. you can see waves tearing through the harbor there, yesterday afternoon, causing boats to collide, and, docks to literally break apart. in all, the damage said to be more than 2 million bucks and aerial pictures out of there put things into perspective, 100 boats have been destroyed. and 20 sunk and eye witnesses said there want much they could do except watch the destruction play out before their very eyes. >> the biggest problem was to get to the boats, as they were broken away. you know, i me
>> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to a brand-new hour of america's news headquarters. >> heather: i'm heather childers. rescue workers in japan facing continuous aftershocks and latest on the search for survivors. >> gregg: total door entangling, the death toll rising in the new york bus crash. the search for the person that may be responsible. >> heather: and rebels in libya losing ground because muammar khadafy's forces are surrounding the rebels. how involved should the u.s. get? >> gregg: new details now on a major nuclear scare in japan. japanese officials say radioactivity levels very close to the nuclear plant have gone down in the last several hours. this plant facing a potentially disastrous meltdown after an explosion this morning. take a look at these incredible pictures, clouds of smoke rising from up the reactor area. safety officials are scrambling to contain the damage and evacuating 140,000 people in a 12-mile perimeter. adam housley is streaming live with the latest north of tokyo? >> we're about 20 miles from where we were earlier this morning, 70 miles north an
pioneer. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. geraldine ferraro passing away at the age of 75. she is best known for blaze ago huge trail for women in politics. she became the first woman in american history to run for vice president. she had been suffering from a form of blood cancer and had been stricken for years. she had been battling it courageously. she was a fox news contributor for a great many years. i think we can all say was very humble, intensely smarted and knew politics and spent the latter part of her years fighting for women in poor countries and women victims here in the united states. >> heather: she showed many personal moments and we look forward to hearing that. >> we do have another fox alert. tens of thousands of protestors taking to the streets of london venting their anger over spending cuts. at least 100,000 people are taking part in the main demonstration and it is mostly peaceful but reports of scattered violence. some demonstrators clashing with police, breaking window of stores of banks along the protest route. police respond
>> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to a brand-new hour of america's news hours. >> heather: topping the news this hour, a helicopter crashes into a building in los angeles. we'll tell you how it happened and show you the scary aftermath. >> gregg: spokesperson p.j. crowley calling it quits. what he said about army and wikileaks that led to his resignation. >> heather: but first, japan's worst crisis since world war ii, that is how they are describing the earthquake. at this hour, the death toll is in the thousands and exact number may never be known. a powerful quake and subs consequent tsunami. the government is working frantically to prevent nuclear meltdowns. greg palkot joins us live north of tokyo from the latest on the recovery efforts. >> reporter: that japanese prime minister went on to say it's going to take the determination of people like the folks in these coastal town in northeastern japan and people throughout the region to deal with the situation. they are getting hit on all fronts. as you noted there is a nuclear catastrophe up the coast from where we are. t
to a brand-new hour of america's headquarters. nine people recovering from their injuries after a powerful storm in louisiana. it is believed that a tornado tore through the town of rain, leveling homes and breaking gas lines. >> gregg: libya is in chaos. some lawmakers are calling for a no fly zone. would it keep pro-gadhafi forces from bombing civilians or just drag the u.s. into another conflict? we'll talk to a retired navy captain. >> heather: what exactly is an x 37 b? >> it's on a launch pad and nasa is hoping to put it into orbit as the shuttle fleet approaches retirement. >> gregg: major developments in the battlefield in libya. rebels in ziwia in a fierce fight with forces loyal to moammar gadhafi who launch add predawn attack using tanks and artillery to retake the town near tripoli. the pro-government forces are on the outskirts of that city, regroup and preparing for another thrust into the city. victory or defeat for both sides, very much up in the air this hour. jonathan hunt streaming live near the front lines near the tunisia-libya battle. >> the battle is raging on two fr
to reality. we are there, good day. >> hello eeverybody. i am uma live in washington. america's news headquarters. just when japan thought it couldn't get worse fears surface of a melt down after an explosion in the nuclear power plant in the northeast. the death tollcontinue to rise with entire towns missing. david piper, what is the latest on the struggling nuclear plant that is taking place there? >> well, earlier in the day there was a large explosion and the japanese government said it destroyed the walls that are encircling the nuclear reactor but didn't break the metal consuming tower that protects the reactor from escaping. from what we are hearing at this time, workers are pouring sea water on the reactor to try to cool it down. but at the same time we are hearing reports that 190 people are suffering from radiation sickness and there are reports that there has been some release in the air at this time. the japanese government increased the raduous around the plant to protect the people. they moved it back 12 miles now and also supplying tab lets to minimize radiation sickne
, and that will do it for us in washington. but america's news headquarters, rolls right along. kelly and jamie are standing by in new york, be sure to catch fox news sunday, tomorrow chris wallace will sit down with the attorney for westboro baptist church to discuss the controversial supreme court ruling on the right to picket at furna funerals. i'm uma pemmaraju, hope you have a great day. stay with us. >> hello from america's news headquarters, i'm kelly wright. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby, the flash flood watch is on, rain and thunderstorms are putting neighborhoods in danger, details coming up on where the worst is heading. >> new details coming in on the capture of a suspect, dubbed the east coast rapist. a man believed responsible for more than a dozen rapes over a dozen years, in several states. >> jamie: and america's recovery efforts, how much higher will gas prices go? could it put the brakes on our economy? >> we begin weather a "fox news alert," libya seeing the fiercest and bloodiest fighting that's country is on the brink of civil war. we get reports out of the city of zawiya, the
from the middle of america from missouri to libya and dropped 40 bombs on a major airfield, they took out much of qaddafi's air force. the pentagon saying, early indications are those strikes have been successful, but, forces loyal to qaddafi are moving in and they are attacking a rebel-held city. how will this end? what a day-and-a-half it has been. hello, everyone i'm jimmy jamie, welcome to america's news headquarter, glad to have you here. >> eric: i'm eric sean and as you watch the events unfold, what will muammar qaddafi do? he remains intent and is surrounded by human shields at his headquarters and the military resources, his resources have been going up in flames and he promises what he calls a long war and is blaming agreece, calling us the colonial aggressors that will be defeated. also claiming that he is going to be handing out more than 1 million armaments to 1 million libyans. rick leventhal is live, on the telephone from libya where he has been in the city of benghazi, rick, what is the situation right now, where you are? >> good morning, eric and jamie. we're on the m
it to washington now have a good day. >> shannon: i'm shannon bream live in washington. we begin america's news headquarters with the fox news alert. japan is reeling from what he is calling the worst crisis since world war ii. the threat of nuclear disaster is growing as they try to avert multiple meltdown in nuclear reactors. thousands are dead from the earthquake and the tsunami it caused and more than a million people are without food, clean water and electricity. we have team coverage from the epicenter of thedy sast to the u.s. greg, what is the latest? >> a cold dark night here in the fishing village and the folks probably went to bed thinking of what the prime minister had to say. he told them it would take determination to get them through this. just up the coast, the nuclear complex with so much problems in the past couple of days, today, another reactor facing the possibility of a meltdown. they say they are in control of the situation. but the evacuation from the region around the reactors continues and the possibility of poisoning from radioactivity also going forward. dozens are t
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